Fresh off winning the MVP Sunday night, NFL‘s Super Bowl 52 starting QB Nick Foles gave all glory to God in post game interviews. Several Philadelphia Eagles, including Foles, have expressed their faith throughout the season.

Earlier this season Nick Foles shared more about his faith during a CBN News podcast.

“My faith in the Lord means everything. I’m a believer in Jesus Christ and that’s first and foremost. That’s everything. I wouldn’t be able to do this game without Him, because I don’t have the strength to go out and do this. This is supernatural,” Foles told CBN Sports reporter Shawn Brown.

That testimony comes from a quarterback who almost retired before the season started. Foles had been released from the Los Angeles (previously St. Louis) Rams and Kansas City Chiefs before returning to the team that originally drafted him, the Eagles.

“He was going to quit the game, he was going to leave the game and get into something else. And the Lord’s like, ‘No, I’ve got something else for you.’ He ends up going to the Eagles, he’s all, ‘Okay, I’m on the Eagles, but I’m still a backup. Carson‘s [Wentz] here, and he’s great,’ at a team that he used to play for, a team that he used to start for, he’s back with this team again, they have a new starter who’s rocking it out there and he has to wonder, ‘Lord, what’s the purpose for me here,'” Brown said.


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