Los Angeles, CA (June 25, 2021)
Los Angeles based DREAM Label Group is proud to announce the signing of Dreamers, the music behind the youth movement of Influencers, a global church with campuses across Australia and Atlanta. The group is ramping up to a 3-track collection releasing on August 14th and today their debut single “Count On” releases to all digital retail outlets. Recorded live in Adelaide, Australia, Count On offers timeless truths wrapped in fresh melodies and is a strong first move from the young band. Dreamers will join Matthew Parker, Branan Murphy, The Color, Futures, Joel Vaughn and others to the DREAM Records roster of artists. The team shares the story behind their new song.

“2020 threw all of our usual rhythms and routines out of the window; the solid became sinking sand! It brought Hebrews 13:8 to life, highlighting that nothing is truly forever apart from Jesus. In this ever-evolving age of “my truth” and “your truth”, we believe our generation desperately needs to be reminded of the only truth that will bring freedom they can count on. We’re praying that this brand new collection of songs gives young people fresh language to frame the life-giving message of Jesus!” —Dreamers

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