Natalie Grant has never shied from seeking truth. Her songs resonate with hopeful evidence of God’s love, provision and purpose for our lives. Her work in fighting human trafficking through her organizational, Abolition International, is championed by her unwavering faith in a God who sees all, knows all, loves all and wants to see the best for His children—ALL of them.

Underneath this strong, driven exterior, though, resides a woman who has wrestled the demons of insecurity and self-doubt. She has walked the path of unhealthy choices for the sake of attaining a false sense of self-worth, most evident in her struggle with and recovery from an eating disorder.  She has also walked the long road back to the altar of an unconditional, loving God who radically pulls her beyond herself everyday. Now, she’s leading a movement to show other women that He desires the same for them. Hence, Dare to Be.

Dare to Be began as an idea that for those who truly embrace all God has in store, life is limitless, joy is abundant and life takes on new intention and drive. This idea became a devotional and now is a conference around the country, where women can hear the truth of their worth and boldly dare to be more. Partnering with her best friend, author/speaker Charlotte Gambill, the Dare to Be Revolution has begun. Natalie shares more with CCM about the movement and how it feels to be living recklessly within the arms of a limitless God.


What prompted this passion for you?

To really believe that I am who God says I am is a challenge. All of us struggle with insecurities. We hear from culture or friends or family, or even the past, ideas about who we are. It’s so easy to listen to those choices even though so many of them are full of lies. I want to rediscover who it is that God says I am. I want the truth to choke out the lies. – Natalie Grant

So what exactly is Dare to Be?

Dare to Be is an event for women that we’ve been touring around the country the last year. We’ve done twenty conferences already. It was birthed out of a need that we saw in our own lives. I’m a mom to three small kids. I work outside the home and feel pulled in so many directions. My best friend, Charlotte Gambill, mom to two young kids, and has shared many of my own struggles. We met at a conference we both were ministering at, and through conversation, realized there were so many things we need to just remind women about who they are. We must define ourselves in the way God defines us. I struggled with that for so much of my life—feeling insecure, ill equipped and inadequate… Feeling not good enough… But when I continue to seek out the promises of God, who He describes me and believes me to be, the plans He has for me I can start to see the real truth. The promises of God do not have an expiration date.  – NG


After 20 conferences under your belt already, what fruit are you seeing? What are your hopes for the long-term impact of this movement?

We’ve heard from so many women about how just daring to believe we are who God says we are actually changes friendship, marriages, families… As women really being to digest the truth of who we are in Christ, it will change communities and change the world…  – NG


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