Nashville, TN (November 26, 2018)
After a tremendously, successful release of his eighth studio album, The Trap, Derek Minor is back with a visual for the hit track, “Man!”

The Cardec-produced song has been a fan favorite ever since the album dropped in August and unforgettable for Derek as well.

“Every time I get to connect with Cardec on a record it brings the best out of me. The “Man” record was really just catching a vibe in the studio and putting a song together about where we are in life.” —Derek Minor

On top of “Man” being a dope song, the visual is most certainly one you’ll rewatch multiple times. As Derek puts it, it’s a piece of art.

“The crew at Signature Sound always have unique visions when it comes to creating videos. I knew that I needed a team with a special eye for aesthetics and they delivered. Many people shoot videos but it’s rare to find people that can bring a song to life visually. That’s what the “Man” visual is to me… a living and breathing piece of art.” —Derek Minor

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