Derek Minor – “Bigger Better Things” (Official Music Video)

Bigger Better Things Lyrics:
Oh Yeah, Woke up out my sleep
On to new dreams Bigger Better Things
Oh Nah, Please don’t talk to me
Unless you’re trying to see
Bigger Better Things

Please get out my ear bout the old me
I don’t really care you don’t know me
I’m back in my back like its groceries
I don’t need no cash but you owe me
Owe me, God got it
That little thang so old, I aint even worried bout it
We in the last days
Where school students up the gauge and knock the dimples out your face
Y’all convince these MAGA stations to play your songs
I’m trying to convince these young boys leave that beef alone
Churches chasing money looking mad goofy
Need to be chasing these kids doing these mass shootings
Need to be chasing these rich folks making these sex slaves
Pharmaceutical companies funding the drug trade
I don’t worry about how I prosper that’s a yah thing
I’m Pablo on this beat boy this a God dream yuh

Oh yeah, I been chasing Yah
All of a sudden, luxury car in my garage
All of a sudden, depression aint even a thought
All of a sudden, his word reading like a movie
I’m truly moving so don’t approach me
Unless you only talking faith to change the culture
I see some vultures,
They swooping down, y’all letting em eat
But I’m off the dinner plate
Y’all can be part of the feast
It’s better things

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