Nashville, TN (September 12, 2019)
Preeminent messianic worship leader and Dove Award nominee, Paul Wilbur, released his bestselling, 14-track album and companion DVD, Roar From Zion, earlier this year. Now, for the first time ever on television, the Daystar Television Network will broadcast-premiere this live worship experience into 180+ countries over the course of its Heart for the World programming Sept. 30 – Oct. 7 (see local listings for times). Daystar will also offer an exclusive Roar From Zion: Paul Wilbur Live In Jerusalem DVD to its viewers.

Recorded live outdoors in Jerusalem, Israel overlooking the city during the Feast of Tabernacles and the 70th anniversary of the rebirth of the State of Israel, Roar From Zion: Paul Wilbur Live In Jerusalem features Wilbur along with internationally known recording artist and Los Angeles-based TV host Shae Wilbur and Joshua Aaron, Ryan and Marie Hodges and a world-class band made up of both Israeli and Arab instrumentalists and Nashville-based musicians.

Daystar’s broadcast and DVD will further include all new, specially produced prophetic declarations from Paul Wilbur that further the message and meaning behind this historic recording.

“The music invites the King to roar from Zion and thunder from Jerusalem!” exclaims Wilbur, referencing the Old Testament prophet Joel (Joel 3:16). “These are songs that declare the Kingdom that is coming, and the glory of the King!”

Selling more than 20,000 CD/DVD copies in the first month following its release while hitting No. 3 on the iTunes Christian/Gospel chart, Roar From Zion is comprised mostly of original compositions along with brand new recordings of Wilbur’s fan favorites “Days of Elijah” and “Adonai.” It further includes the sounds of the Nashville String Machine with orchestrations by Paul Mills, and an Israeli choir made up of young Christian Arabs, Messianic Jews and Christians from all over the globe. The resulting recording is a unique, Middle Eastern-inspired project that sounds simultaneously ancient and fresh with songs that are sung in English with some phrases in Hebrew.

Roar From Zion: Paul Wilbur Live In Jerusalem track listing:
01. Welcome
02. Prologue
03. Roar from Zion
04. Song of Victory
05. Adonai
06. The Power of the Anointing: A Prophetic Declaration
07. B’Elohim/Forever Amen
08. It Is Good to Praise the Lord
09. The Lord of the Harvest: A Prophetic Declaration
10. The King Is Coming
11. You Are Holy (feat. Joshua Aaron)
12. The Fullness of His Presence: A Prophetic Declaration
13. Your Love Is Far Better
14. Even So
15. Endless (feat. Shae Wilbur)
16. O We Praise (feat. Ryan & Marie Hodges)
17. Epilogue
18. Days of Elijah

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