Brentwood, TN (February 21, 2020)
Integrity Music has released the newest music offering from David and Nicole Binion titled Glory of Eden. Recorded live at TBN Studios in Dallas, this is the eighth career album to release from the husband and wife Christian music and worship team and their third with Integrity Music.

The songs began to form for Glory of Eden more than two years ago when David was suffering from a corneal ulcer in his eye, which threatened to permanently take his sight. Yet while his physical vision was nearly gone, David’s spiritual vision was clearer than ever before. He did the one thing that comes most naturally to him: he wrote it all down, raw journaling that formed the foundation for what became Glory of Eden. “It was like God was saying, ‘The devil’s going to try to take your vision, I’m really going to give you vision now,'” he recently shared.

After weeks of medical treatment, David eventually received a cornea transplant. Even in his darkest moments during this time in his life, David was in the presence of God like never before—an experience he can only describe as the “glory of Eden”—the birthplace of man, made in the image of God. Ever since the fall, humanity has been striving to get back to that garden. “I wouldn’t trade the experience I’ve had in the presence of God for the price that it cost me.” And with Glory of Eden, David and Nicole hope to bring a small piece of heaven back to earth.

The presence of God permeates through everything the Binion’s do, even becoming founders of Dwell Church in Dallas, which quickly became the motivation behind the couple’s first two Integrity Music projects, Dwell: A Live Worship Experience and 2019’s Dwell: Christmas (Live). “We want to create that place in worship where people can walk with God,” David shares. “The album starts as a blank canvas, and as you sing the lyrics, people can see the picture come to life.”

The album’s anchor song, “Living Proof” featuring Steffany Gretzinger, quickly took on a life of its own when it was first sung at their church last Easter. “Our church went crazy. They just loved it,” Nicole explained. “You try out a song, and you’re like, Is this going to hit well with people? And it was so powerful.” The official live performance video for “Living Proof” can be viewed here or below.

Glory of Eden also is a testament to the art of collaboration. Along with teaming up with guest vocalists such as Gretzinger, William McDowell, MDSN, Travis Greene, and more, “Here Comes The Glory” was penned line by line as the Binions wrote it in different cities with Leeland Mooring, Israel Houghton, and McDowell. “It was just many pieces of the puzzle causing this whole idea to come to life—like a mosaic,” David explains. “It paints part of the tapestry of this album.”

Watch it here:

“I think our heart is always for people to walk away from an album or worship experience that we have led with a deeper appreciation for the presence of God,” Nicole says. “We hope they discover more of God than they have experienced before and that, ultimately, they walk away looking more like Jesus.”

“Tell Of Your Glory”
“Your House”
“Waterfall (feat. Maranda Curtis)”
“Waterfall (Reprise)”
“Heart Print (feat. Travis Greene & MDSN)”
“Bringing Back The Ark (feat. William McDowell)”
“Bringing Back The Ark (Reprise)”
“Here Comes The Glory”
“Faith Sees (feat. Todd Dulaney)”
“Living Proof (feat. Steffany Gretzinger)”
“Living Proof (Reprise)”
“Psalms & Hymns (Live, Spontaneous)”
“Pour It Out”
“Yes (Obedience) [Feat. MDSN]”
“Glory Of Eden”
“I Delight”
“Blessed Be The Name”
“Blessed Be The Name (Reprise)”

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