Nashville, TN (November 6, 2018)
David Dunn is set to release Star, a Christmas EP featuring 2 originals + 3 classics reimagined on Nov 20. David says, “Star is the most creative studio record I’ve ever made. I really went all in with this minimalist project. With a wide assortment of almost exclusive retro 70’s and 80’s instruments, Star is an EP that I hope is a refreshing holiday listen. I love the songs on this project. Some of my favorite classic Christmas songs and a few originals that attempt to capture aspects of The Lord’s nature.”

Asking David about why he chose specific songs for this EP, he broke them down like this:

“Oh Holy Night”
“A overtly minimalist take of a powerful old song. The lyrics of “Oh Holy Night” are incredibly emotional and I attempted to capture that emotion with this arrangement.”

“Hallelujah Chorus”
“My all time favorite Christmas song. Written in 1741, the “Hallelujah Chorus” was written as a part of Handel’s Messiah, which the Dunn’s listen to on repeat every Christmas season. This was a hard one to recreate, but I think it ended up being my favorite song on the project.”

“Oh Come All Ye Faithful”
“An artistic take on a classic Christmas song. I love this old song because it feels like a “call to arms” demanding the need for the adoration of The King.”

“When I wrote this song I was thinking about the majesty of the snowflake. We think of snow as common, but there are billions of flakes and every single one is singularly unique. That’s an incredible miracle…If God put in enough time to make such a commonly occurring masterpiece, how much more attention does He lavish on us? Snow is a perfect reminder of The scale of the Lord’s love.”

“Star is a song inspired by the traditional Christmas song, “We Three Kings.” I was trying to dig deeper into the minds of these ancient astrologers and try to see the star’s appearance through their eyes. What they would have felt, how they would they have reacted, and what they have thought when the star lead them to a dirty smelly cave (stable).”

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