Resurrection Records rapper DaMac has released a heartfelt new music video for “June 2nd,” marking the anniversary of his mom’s passing. The music video, which was directed by longtime DaMac collaborator Matthew Alson Thornbury (Media Arts & Talent LLC), is available now.

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DaMac describes the music videos as “a solemn, respectful look into not only the events on the most tragic day of my life, but also how those memories and feelings have continued with me. Even in the darkest moments, God gives the comfort, light, and promise that allows us all to move on and live in faith.”

The song is a crucial moment on DaMac’s latest album, For Mama Mac, which released earlier this year. Recording the song was painful and pivotal.

“I believe we recorded ‘June 2nd’ my third day in the studio. It was also the first song that we added my Mom’s vocals to,” the artist recalls. “I remember hearing her voice come through the studio monitors and bawling instantly. Jonny just gave me a hug and let me grieve. That was one of the things about making this project with Jonny. We’ve known each other for almost 9 years. We’ve recorded 4 projects together. So, it was really comforting to record this with someone who cared; a friend. He knew how important this project was to me. After I gathered myself, I was able to record. This is the hardest song I’ve ever recorded, but I feel like it’s one of the most important.”

The project as a whole is a concept album dedicated to DaMac’s mom, who was a crucial voice in supporting and moving forward his music ministry. Everything about the project pays homage to her influence. “June 2nd” in particular promises to connect not just to those who knew Mama Mac, but to anyone who has lost a family member.

“Revisiting those moments created a wide range of emotions while recording. The anger and confusion came back to the surface pretty quickly,” DaMac says, reflecting on the grief process. “The hurt. The regret of not doing enough. Did I not pressure the doctors to do more? Did I not ask enough questions? Did I not fight for her enough? The gratitude of having my wife by my side in my mom’s final moments. The bonding that took place between my brother and I on that final day.”

He concludes, “So many emotions came back to me. But, I think it helped my delivery while recording.”

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