Nashville, TN (December 7th, 2018)
GRAMMY® Nominated artist Crowder has released a new acoustic video for his powerful and emotive song “Ghost.” Directed by Nate Corrona (DustBrand Films), the video is filmed in black-and-white and offers a stripped down rendition of the track, featuring Crowder and band members, performing the song on stringed instruments. “Ghost” is the closing song on his recently released album I Know A Ghost.

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“I think anytime you see us as humans continually scratching at something so intently there is usually a foundational truth there in it somewhere. There is a resonance in every culture throughout all of history, I can’t list all of the haunted/ghost oriented television shows that play on the History or Discovery Channel, the list of movies is endless; we as humans have always told one another ghost stories. There is something innate in us that is searching for the beyond and it is my belief that we are living in a real live ghost story,” said Crowder.

“Ghost” was co-written by Crowder and Ed Cash and is one of sixteen tracks across the album. I Know A Ghost displays the versatility, range and diverse musical palette that Crowder is known for and capable of. With an amalgam of influences including bluegrass, country, electronic-synth, gospel and Southern hip-hop.

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