Following the success of his debut single “FINALE,” released January 19, 2024, emerging Christian pop artist Cody Towell delivers an awe-inspiring visual experience with the release of the official music video on February 6, 2024. Directed and produced by Nate Francisco of Ambient Light Studio, this cinematic masterpiece captures the essence of Towell’s transformative message and marks a significant milestone in his burgeoning musical career.

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The “FINALE” music video unfolds against the breathtaking backdrop of Couchville Lake, where the tranquil waters mirror the dawn of a new era. In a visually stunning opening sequence, viewers are introduced to the surreal sight of Cody seated atop a school desk seemingly suspended above the water’s surface at sunrise. This captivating imagery sets the stage for a narrative journey that seamlessly weaves together elements of faith, perseverance, and celebration.

Shot on location in the scenic landscapes of Nashville, the video offers a glimpse into Cody Towell’s creative process as he brings his songwriting vision to life. From crafting heartfelt lyrics at his desk to experimenting with melodies on his piano and guitar, the video offers an intimate portrayal of the artist’s dedication to his craft. As Cody’s journey unfolds, viewers are drawn into a story that transcends mere music, capturing the essence of a longing for the return of Jesus and joining with others in worship to our King.

Central to the video’s narrative is the theme of perseverance and the pursuit of new beginnings. Scenes of a runner preparing to embark on a journey symbolize the song’s message of pressing forward in the face of trials and persecution, just like God’s word calls us to endure and run the race. As Cody’s vocals soar across the bridge of the song, accompanied by the anthemic refrain of “finale oh woh oh oh,” the imagery resonates with a sense of hope and determination.

With a diverse cast and crew of over 50 individuals, including friends and family who have supported Cody on his journey, the video embodies the artist’s mission to connect with audiences from all walks of life. Drone shots capture the energy of the crowd as they join together in a unified chorus, echoing the song’s message of celebrating a walk with Jesus and expecting His return.

Throughout the video, viewers are treated to subtle nods to Cody’s personal journey and faith. One shot in particular focuses on a Bible open to Hebrews 10:37, a central scripture to the song. You can also notice scenes paying homage to Cody’s college ministry days where he learned to play Ultimate Frisbee, inviting viewers to connect with the artist on a deeper level.

For those seeking an extended experience, the “Extended Story Version” of the music video offers a lighthearted sketch at the beginning, adding an extra layer of charm to Cody’s storytelling. Featuring two middle school boys discovering Cody’s music amidst a crowded living room, the skit provides a playful introduction to the artist’s unique brand as Cody “Towell”. Additionally, a lyric video for “FINALE” features epic videography and metaphorical imagery to capture the heart of the lyrics.

As the video draws to a close with Cody and a crowd proclaiming the final “FINALE (oh woh oh oh!) viewers are invited into a brief hint at the next music video for Cody’s sophomore single, “Found On The Road,” which will depict the Good Samaritan parable from the perspective of the beaten man, and how that relates to our walk with Jesus today.

Stay tuned for Cody Towell’s next release, “Found On The Road,” set to debut on February 16, 2024, as he continues to inspire and uplift audiences with his unique blend of music teaching God’s word.

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