Having restored a beautiful relationship with her Lord Saviour at the end of 2020 “Helping Hand” is Clare Cunningham’s first Christian/worship album and is written for those who need comfort, hope, and light through any dark periods in life. A self-proclaimed “work of love” it is comprised of 11 songs full of faith, mental health awareness, perseverance through self-doubt, and a joyful celebration of life through finding Jesus Christ.

Whether you identify with a certain religion or are a complete athiest, there is something to be enjoyed by all.

Clare spent most of her life as an atheist after leaving her faith at a young age. She spent so many years in denial until the presence of the Lord led her to be unshakeable. Having seen too much hypocrisy in the church and not feeling very connected with the Lord, Clare gave up on God. But he never gave up on her. During her departure from faith, Clare was led down some very ungodly pathways and as a result brought her to some very dark places so she knows all too well what its like to be under the hand of darkness and the enemy.

Clare’s music comes from a lot of pain, with the main focus of wanting to inspire others that they too can find their voice and speak up and realize they are not alone. As a mental health advocate Clare is a vessel and uses her musical platform and gift of music to help those around her and none if it would be possible without her Lord Saviour. That’s the main purpose of this album.

The album opens with Clare’s latest release “A Voice”, which many musical artists can relate to on some level or another. Clare begins with questioning her own purpose, then acknowledges the gift that is her voice and songwriting, which she uses to help others.

This is a song for mental health awareness. Clare states : ‘As a child growing up I was silenced and suppressed from speaking out about certain events I endured. I carried this guilt and shame with me right into adulthood and never spoke openly about my suffering. Today after doing a lot of self-work and deep healing and reconnecting with my Lord savior, I now use the voice that was given to me as a gift to bring awareness, hope, light, and inspiration to those who need it the most. To those of you who also feel your voice is not worthy enough of being heard or being listened to. This is what true success is to me. Connecting through the language that is music and being able to help whoever I can in this world through my own experiences with trauma, hurt, and pain’

The album spans across a multitude of genres including pop, rnb and Celtic with worship being the main theme throughout.

Previous to ‘A voice’ Clare released ‘No Need for God’. Do not be fooled by the title however as the song shows the listener to embrace the bad times and the closed doors as Gods way of directing you to what’s in his will for your life.

Connect with Clare :

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