Nashville, TN (July 1, 2022)
A Thousand Shores, the new EP from Citizens, is out now courtesy of Integrity Music. The latest release from the Seattle-born alternative band offers five new songs that cut across endless questions and mystery woven into the journey of discovering God. The group is set to release additional songs later this year.

“It became clear that this record was meant to be an invitation to step out from behind our defenses and to surrender ourselves into the mystery of Christ,” Citizens frontman Zach Bolen shares about the project. Additionally, A Thousand Shores seeks to build a bridge between the many groups of people that are being driven further and further apart by their belief systems.

A Thousand Shores, which includes the previously released singles “Everything and More” and “Imagination,” beckons us to ask questions beyond the comprehensible and to embrace dancing in the mystery. Overall, through their new songs, Citizens want to inspire us to reconsider our perception of the Divine with music that pushes the boundaries of what “Church music” usually sounds like.

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