Nashville, TN (October 22, 2019)
Fairtrade Services‘ Christian music trio Citizen Way has announced the release of Love Is A Lion, available everywhere now. The band recently unveiled the captivating cover art and rolled out a brand new track, “Love Has Won.”  Love Is A Lion‘s first single, “The Lord’s Prayer,” is off to a strong start, with 30 + stations on board just as the song begins to impact Christian radio.

“This album is the victory lap of the last four years of our lives, which were the hardest we’ve been through. Each one of these songs is founded in God’s Word. They are the stories of our lives and the people we get to live and serve with. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. We live in a world that craves truth, but we are constantly bombarded with lies. When the people of God sing scripture together, the truth is revealed, and evil can be dealt with. We want to lead people to Jesus, the only source of truth and the original author of these words found in Matthew 6.”
—Ben Calhoun (Citizen Way frontman)


Check out the “Love has Won” here:

Citizen Way kicked off their 15 city Love is a Lion Tour September 27th in Poughkeepsie, NY. Also featuring Jason Gray and The Young Escape, the tour will hit markets across the Northeast, Midwest and Southwest through October. The tour continues in November with Jamie Kimmett joining Citizen Way and The Young Escape. ShareWord Global is sponsoring the tour and has a mission to distribute Bibles throughout the world. Co-sponsor is Generosity Rocks, a non-profit founded by Calhoun. Citizen Way will donate 10% of their merchandise sales to a local ministry in each city.

When Ben Calhoun started Citizen Way, he could never have foreseen the path that’s led them to where they are today. From their college band beginnings in the Midwest to becoming a voice of hope heard throughout the world, the mission of Citizen Way—lead singer/guitarist Ben Calhoun, drummer David Blascoe and guitarist/background vocalist Daniel Olsson–has never wavered.

“We want to be like Billy Graham with a guitar, sharing the Gospel with as many people as we can,” Ben says. The members of Citizen Way consider themselves “musicianaries,” or musicians with a missionary-like calling. “It’s not just music for music’s sake; it’s music with a message,” David says. “We write and sing about the things that we do because of the impact they’ve had on our lives, and we want to share that.”

Citizen Way’s mission is evidenced in their radio hits, “Should’ve Been Me,” “Nothing Ever (Could Separate Us),” “How Sweet The Sound,” “When I’m With You,” and “Bulletproof,” and continues in their newest single, “The Lord’s Prayer.” While Ben is the primary songwriter, each member of the trio offers a unique contribution to the final sound. “Since we’re all so different with different musical tastes, we’ve learned how to incorporate those into our music,” Daniel says. David’s hip hop background is evident in the music’s beats, while Daniel brings his impressive guitar skills to the band’s music. Ben met and started mentoring Daniel in 2007 when he was just 11. The group often jokes that he’s since surpassed him. “He’s truly one of the best and the brightest, and such an incredible performer,” Ben says.

With so much history together, it’s no surprise that the trio gels well together both on and off the stage. They’re great friends whose chemistry between them – both musically and personally – is impossible to miss. “Since we’re all buddies, we find each other’s strengths and how it all works together during a show,” Daniel says. As Ben puts it, “We’re kind of like Optimus Prime; as musicians, we’re all so different and unique, but we come together to form something that’s greater than ourselves.”

Having friends as bandmates makes what can often be a tough job rewarding. “This is a really awesome way to live out the calling on our lives,” Ben says. “As hard as it can be at times, we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

This year, David and Daniel are relocating from Wisconsin and Illinois respectively to join Ben in Nashville, Tennessee, marking a new, more unified season for Citizen Way. “We’ll all finally be in the same city again,” Daniel says. “It’s an exciting time for us. We can’t wait to see what new and different styles and flavors we’ll be able to explore together.” In this time of new opportunities, growth and whatever else the future holds for Citizen Way, they know their mission will never change: “We are citizens in the Kingdom of God following in the way of Jesus.”


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