Inventive rock duo Adamic has released their self-titled album Adamic, produced by Disciple’s Andrew Stanton. The 11-track project is a collection of new songs and re-recorded updates of older pieces.

“Making this record has been a literal dream come true,” says guitarist Josiah Pletch. “Andrew Stanton really brought out the very best in us. I remember at times when we would hit a creative wall, he would offer a suggestion or idea that we would never think of otherwise. We also got to record the drums at Off the Wall studio with Lester Estelle [Pillar, Kelly Clarkson] engineering the sessions.”

Vocalist and drummer Ian Swaby adds, “We never clashed or debated with Andrew on what each song should be. He let us make odd choices and long songs, and I think the record is special because of it. His method and approach to our music was ideal in that he simply breathed life into our rough designs and let us be ‘weird.’”

The resulting songs are meaningful and complex. Opening track “Solid As Solid Gets” presents fresh rock-and-roll with grunge touches while exploring the duality of mental health.

“The idea of someone having 2 souls jumped at me, so I used that as a springboard to speak about mental health and this hope of the two opposites in me being married. I have often felt torn in two internally, and it’s taken a great many years for that to heal and become whole,” Ian Swaby explains. “There’s a lot of language used to describe metalworking in there too. I felt like that was the best way to describe the intensity of being welded back together.”

Heather” shows off Ian and Josiah’s musical chemistry, the result of a friendship formed when the musicians were just 5 years old. The alternative rock track showcases glassy-smooth vocals from Ian, who calls the song his favorite of the band’s catalogue. “All of A Sudden” offers lyrics about catalytic moments in life, framed by full-bodied riffs from Josiah.

In addition to Ian Swaby, Josiah Pletch and Andrew Stanton, Adamic’s musical cast was rounded out with mixing by Matt Arcaini and mastering by Sam Moses. The ultimate result is a relaunching of Adamic into the world with a cohesive sound that fully establishes their identity.

“I want people to take away a feeling of hope from this record,” Ian reflects. “We’d been through a lot in the years leading up to this record, so looking back, I was trying to process all of that and find the light. We never want to leave the listener feeling ‘low’ after a song, but rather like they’ve had an experience that ended in light, just like we had after our numerous valleys. I also want people to feel a confidence and a courage to be unabashedly themselves. We didn’t compromise any of our sound or ideas for this record, and I believe that’s what sets it apart.”

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