North Carolina’s musical landscape has birthed a rising star in the kingdom rap scene, and his name is B MARKIE. With a sound that defies traditional boundaries, B MARKIE is making waves with his genre-blending music, fusing the spiritual essence of Gospel with the rhythmic beats of Hip Hop, the soulful melodies of R&B, and the vibrant energy of Afro-fusion.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria before moving to the US at a very young age, B MARKIE has had a very challenging upbringing. But his first love was singing and listening to music about God, thus instilling his notion that he was made for creating songs for the soul and bringing joy and love to everyone around him. Whether he’s delivering an infectious, upbeat dance track or pouring his heart into a heartfelt ballad, his music resonates with the soul. It leaves an indelible mark, long after the music stops. In an era where authenticity is a rare gem, B MARKIE’s music shines brightly.

However, what truly distinguishes B MARKIE is his unwavering commitment to infusing God into every facet of his art. His music isn’t just about personal storytelling; it’s about edifying the soul. His latest single, ‘Forever Love,’ exemplifies this fusion of faith and music.

‘Forever Love’ is more than just a song; it’s a sanctuary of truth, faith, and connection, satisfying the soul’s desire to move, groove, and lose itself in the rhythm. B MARKIE’s one-of-a-kind kingdom rap fusion serves as a beacon of light in a world hungry for meaning and purpose.

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With autotune-enhanced vocals that deliver an inspirational and uplifting feeling, he is on a mission to touch hearts and souls through his music. He reminds us that our stories are intertwined with something greater than ourselves.

In each verse, faith and spirituality intertwine, creating a unique musical blend that uplifts, inspires, and comforts. B MARKIE’s lyrics are not mere words; they are a source of inspiration and hope for those who tune in, offering a refreshing and meaningful escape.

In his own words, he describes his music as a “true self-discovery, healing, growth, and triumph.” It’s a season where he sings about what truly matters.
Whether you’re dancing with abandon, singing at the top of your lungs, or simply feeling the emotions, one thing is certain: B MARKIE is here to make your life’s soundtrack unforgettable.

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