Nashville, TN (April 5, 2021)
In his latest release, “It’s Me Again Jesus,” Christian Country singer/song writer Dustin Herring confronts his own struggle to be less shallow in his faith—much like how in the New Testament, Jesus talks about how we must hear, accept and act on God’s word.

Congruent with the Parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32, Dustin finds himself faced with the trials of this world and returns to God in his time of need. “I always seem to need you at my weakest,” the chorus calls, “It’s me again, Jesus.” Growing up in south Alabama, Dustin’s faith has played an important role in his life. In this song, he acknowledges straying from the path and desiring to return. “I know I call on you when I’ve messed up—things ain’t going my way, I’ve had too much.”

Known for his traditional vocal style and honest storytelling, Dustin’s classic country sound is authentic and genuine. Dustin incorporates his real-life experiences and struggles into every song he creates. He moved to Nashville in 2014 to pursue his music career and has released multiple singles and EPs including his first full record, Geneva County, released in 2015 followed by The High I Crave in 2016.



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