Nashville, TN (November 3, 2022)
Zauntee just released his brand new album The Stonebrook Project.

“This album uis the truest version of my current self as an artist. I believe that we did our very best to hear from God on the vision for this record, and created it with excellence. My prayer is that when people hear it, they see themselves in each song.” —Zauntee

The Stonebrook Project
1. Let Your Fire Fall
2. God Is On My Side (feat. Benxiah)
3. Oxygen
4. Life I Chose (feat. 2J Mako & GQ Dasteppa)
5. BackFromTheDEAD
6. Hold Us Down (feat. GQ Dasteppa)
7. Jesus Called My Name
8. Guide My Steps (feat. DKG Kie)
9. Rocks Cry Out (feat. I Project)
10. My Soul
11. Soldier In The Strom (feat. 2J Mako)
12. Move Me
13. Dad’s Outro
14. Your Presence In This Place (feat. Kalenie)

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