Baton Rouge, LA (July 27, 2020)
In hip-hop, it doesn’t take much to find someone boasting in their lyrical ability. In JDun’s case however, he uses every lyric he spits to boast on and in the Lord. On his new song “Listen To This,” JDun delivers a very in your face, boastful approach to uplift the Lord and show he is true to his purpose!

The feel of the production is high energy with a west coast vibe. JDun’s cadence stays with a very southern flow while also adding some catchy punchlines. The subject matter stays on a course that any listener can vibe with.

This is the third of a fantastic lineup of singles JDun has dropped in 2020. Each song that he drops seems to add more intensity, truth, and emotion allowing us to see the full picture of JDun the artist.

“This song isn’t about being super deep or trying to make or break your theology. This song, for me, is a declaration of where my focus is and what my purpose is in music. To glorify God and give people some dope music to jam to. This one is all about boasting in the Lord, letting your past go, and pressing towards your true purpose in the Lord.” —JDun

Stream/Download the new single “Listen To This”:

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