WHAT: As the creator of the widely renowned Alpha course, used internationally as a tool for evangelization, Nicky Gumbel serves as a global thought leader on the topics of invitation and asking life’s big questions. As such, the Leadership Conversations podcast he hosts with his wife Pippa is always insightful and often revelatory, even for his guests. Gumbel interviews an array of leaders, thinkers and experts in their field, with each episode introducing a new voice from the world of Christian leadership. In these free-flowing conversations, Nicky interviews an array of global leaders, exploring the intersection of their faith story and leadership. The next episode set to release will discuss the “Power of Words, What the Younger Generation Really Wants and the Best Response to Issues of Inequality.”

WHO: The Gumbels’ upcoming guest, Guvna B, is a multi-award winning Christian rap/hip-hop artist and author whose given name is Isaac Borquaye. He has carved out a unique place for himself in the music world, and his other artistic endeavors draw on his personal experiences of life in London, bringing together themes of faith, masculinity and identity. Since winning his first MOBO Music Award at just 20 years old, Guvna’s journey has been one of breathless success and cutting-edge creativity. In a world often plagued by negativity, Guvna B hopes that he can be a beacon of light. His work is intended to demonstrate the strength and inspiration faith can bring. He currently lives in London with his wife and son.

WHEN: Friday afternoon, March 26, 2021

WHERE: https://www.alpha.org/blog/leadership-conversations-with-nicky-gumbel-podcast-guvna-b

ADDITIONAL DETAILS: The podcast conversation will cover Isaac’s childhood on a council estate in East London and how easy it would have been for him to have ended up in a life of crime and violence. “It was guns or Jesus,” he said. They also discuss the younger generation’s search for authenticity and how the “put together” expert at the front is no more. They finally confront the sad reality of inequality inside and outside of the church. Isaac truthfully recounts his experience with unequal treatment and asks people not to externalize issues of inequality, but to give space for healthy introspection; to honestly evaluate, with the help of the Spirit, how one might be contributing to the problem and how one can be a part of a fresh wave of healing. Throughout each portion of the conversation—whether talking about how to influence the next generation, issues of inequality or the music industry—Isaac exudes a refreshing message of hope for the future.

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