Nashville, TN (August 27, 2018)
Celeste Betton from Team Pharrell on Season 9 of The Voice is releasing her debut album, Honestly! The new album features her debut single, a cover of Matt Redman‘s “10,000 Reasons,” and a new single penned by the songstress herself, “Trust. “Trust” includes a sample of Kim McFarland‘s “In My Name,” with the famous lyrics “Just put your trust in me” ringing allthroughout the chorus. Watch the video here:

Tackling every day issues from paying the bills to seeing gun violence claim the lives of innocent people far too regularly, “Trust” deals with practical everyday issues that have the potential to rob one of their peace, but the voice of God remains in the background singing over and over again “Just put your trust in me.” The song carries a nice, soulful groove that reminices the 90’s. It feels very nostalgic. “ With the way the world is going, it can be hard to find a reason to place any confidence in humanity. My hope is that “Trust” will give voice to what people are feeling, but also serve as a reminder that God is in control in spite of the facts, and what we see,” says Betton.

Honestly is an eight track CD with two covers (“10,000 Reasons” & “Chain Breaker”), and six original songs penned by Betton. The album features an array of sounds from praise & worship tunes like “Potter” which has some jazzy harmonies and undertones, to “Remind Me Again,” a lullaby-like open letter to God stating “Whisper Softly in My Ear. Tell Me the Thoughts You Have of Me. I Know You Love Me, but Remind Me Again.” The end of that song features a beautiful guitar solo that puts you right in the middle of a well crafted country song. “So In Love” is another groove with a R&B/Neo Soul groove that gushes in the immeasurable ammount of love one experiences with God, knowing that he completes us. The album is complete with a couple of uplifting songs such as “Be Alright” and “Waiting IV,” which both falls into the vein of life music, songs that elevate one’s spirit, belief in themselves and their abilities to overcome their present circumstance. “I wanted to write songs that really speak to the heart of where we are and that can possibly be the jumpstart to an honest conversation with God or with ourselves about where we are going.”

Honestly is currently available on all digital retailers.

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