Nashville, TN (October 21, 2020)
Celebration Worship is comprised of Dove Award-winning artists and worship team members from Jacksonville, FL-based Celebration Church, a multi-campus and global “house comprised of many rooms” reaching tens-of-thousands of people around the world. The team released its ninth album, Lineage, Oct. 16 from AWKNG Records, which is being distributed for the first time from Venture3Media (V3M) and is now available on all digital and streaming outlets globally.

Known for songs like “Victory,” “Let Your Spirit Fall,” “Thy Faithfulness,” “My Soul Will Sing” and “You Amaze Us,” Celebration Worship’s Lineage features eight new songs, all written and recorded by Celebration Worship. Team members include Dove Award-winning songwriter Matt Adcox and multi-million-selling, preeminent messianic worship/Christian music recording artist, Paul Wilbur. Also featured on the recording are Celebration Worship’s Lindsey Brenner, Marie Hodges, Ryan Hodges, Lina Bosque, Edwin Garcia and Kierre Lindsay.


“Our passion is to lead God’s people into His presence,” shares Adcox, Global Worship Pastor of Celebration Church and AWKNG Records. “This album was birthed from a place of first stewarding and living lives of worship personally. As you explore our music, we pray that you would encounter Jesus in a tangible way, wherever you may find yourself listening.”

The multi-generational, multi-racial team that makes up Celebration Worship is about bringing all people together through the legacy and lineage of Jesus. “We’re all at His table together as a family, equal in his eyes. It doesn’t matter what your background or race is,” declares Adcox, adding that “Diversity is at the core of who we are.”

This intentional, inclusive nature of Celebration Worship has been heightened by a remarkable encounter that Celebration Church’s Global Senior Pastor Stovall Weems had with Jesus, which was recently detailed in Charisma.

“Going through everything with Pastor Stovall that happened two-and-a-half years ago during Passover, we completely redid how and what we write. We are all a part of Jesus’ lineage when we join His family and the legacy of Jesus. Proclaiming his Word, is what we should all do as His children,” says Adcox, revealing why the new album is called Lineage.

“What does worship look like in Heaven? What do you say and how do you worship the King? Will it be the same or look different there?” asks Adcox. “This is our reference point for when we are worshiping together in the here and now. And this meant a big shift in our lyrics, moving away from lyrics that talk about personal problems that the Lord can help with and instead shifting to bringing sincere worship and praise to our King.”

Along with the shift in lyrics, Pastor Weem’s encounter further changed how the congregation worshipped, including celebrating the Sabbath on Saturday.

“The church has a unique focus on Jewish celebrations that are absent from much of the evangelical church but are prominent throughout the scriptures,” shares Venture3Media President and Founder Steve Nicolle. “We know Passover, but we in the Evangelical Church have lost connection to many of these Biblical events highlighted in Jewish holidays and celebrations. With Celebration Worship, we see Messianic and Evangelical traditions coming together.”

With tens-of-thousands attending Celebration Church affiliates around the world, Adcox cautions, “Numbers don’t matter, it’s not about that for us anymore—it’s about individual people, and we are going deeper than just inviting people back to church services and programs. Our goal is to touch people’s lives, to connect them with the Father, to demonstrate that we are all equal in God’s eyes, Jew/Gentile, blac /white, man/woman, and to share worship songs that not only sound great, but are rich in lyrical content and bring sincere praise directed only to our King.”

Lineage track listing:
1. Anything Can Happen
2. O We Praise
3. Lift Up Your Eyes
4. Jesus Messiah
5. Forevermore
6. Through The Very End
7. At The Table
8. Sound Of Revival


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