Vancouver, BC | Seattle, WA (July 2, 2021)
Canadian Christian music artist Carolyn Arends has released another new song, “God’s Speed” to streaming platforms. This is the fourth single from her upcoming project, Recognition. Featuring a soulful mix of mandolin, horns, and gospel backing vocals from The McCrary Sisters, “God’s Speed” playfully reminds listeners to “slow down to catch up” to the gentle work of God.

Alongside the single, Arends is also releasing a video, her third collaboration with filmmaker The Arctic. Employing a genre that Arends and The Arctic call “Awesomely Terrible 1980s Green Screen,” the video depicts Carolyn running a “snailathon” around the globe. Cameos include veteran worship artist Brian Doerksen as “The Farmer,” and Carolyn’s son, Ben Arends, in the dual roles of “The Ref” and “The Fan.”

Some fans may be surprised to see such a light-hearted release from the artist who only recently offered “To Cry For You”—an exploration of grief that has struck a chord with the more than 500,000 people who have watched the video on Facebook. But anyone who has followed Carolyn’s 25+ year career will know that her work is witty as often as it is gut wrenching.

“The chorus of “God’s Speed” includes an invitation to grow young in order to grow up,” Arends explains. “It’s a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously, and to trust that God is much more patient with us than we are with ourselves. It seemed only right that we have a little fun with it.”

What’s your hurry
Little pilgrim
Always running
So behind
Why the worry
When God’s children
All got world enough and time

We’ve got to slow down
To catch up
Grow young
To grow up
No more chasing the wind
Let the Spirit lead
Till we slow down
To God’s Speed
May we slow down
To God’s speed

Why so frantic
Little human
You’ve been racing
Long enough
It’s time for planting
Time for blooming
Growing at the
Speed of love


Anything worth anything
Takes a while, it’s true
But God has all the time He needs
To see the changes through
He’s making us brand new
And all we’ve got to do is …


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