Cameron James, CCM Magazine - image DREAM Records artist Cameron James recently visited the studios at Nashville, TN’s WSMV-TV‘s Today In Nashville to perform her debut single “Beside You” (buy single).  After signing to DREAM, Cameron went into the studio with Joshua Silverberg (Jordan Feliz, Capitol Kings, Jesus Culture) to write “Beside You.” This song carries a powerful message of encouragement and heavenly backup—about a love that never leaves or forsakes you. Watch James’ Today In Nashville performance on this page by clicking “play” above.

Cameron James also spent last Wednesday lobbying in Washington, DC, speaking with various senators and congressman about removing a restriction that prohibits churches, charities, and civic unions from paying for medical premiums and providing co-payment assistance for people with chronic and rare diseases. Cameron was also able to speak at a congressional reception sponsored by the charity, PSI (Patient Services, Inc.), where she shared the story of her own daughter’s journey with her ultra-rare disease of AHUS-Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. She honored those supporting this effort by reminding them of the Bible’s promise, “That what you do for the least of these you do for me and the least is greatest in the Kingdom.”  To learn more about how this issue and how you can help support please visit

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L-R: Mandy Herbert, Dr. Dana Kuhn of PSI Congressman Kevin Cramer, James, Elise Shadinger, James Shadinger & Bill Timmons.


Cameron James, Bob Corker, CCM Magazine - image

L-R: James, Elise Shadinger and Senator Bob Corker

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