Caitie Hurst — Story Behind the Song ‘All The Things’

Caitie Hurst has released a new lyric video for her song “All the Things.” Caitie also shared with us the Story Behind the Song on her newest single. Check it out below.

Watch the video here:

“I am so excited for everyone to finally hear “All The Things,” because it’s a fun way of reminding myself that no matter what God is calling me to, no matter how scary it is or how unequipped I feel for the task, all I have to do is be obedient, and He is the one who will do through me what I cannot do in and of myself. It’s a reminder for me to trust that He has a purpose, and I don’t need to work in my own strength, but trust in his!

Like the story of Moses, when God called him, Moses made all the excuses as to why he wasn’t the one God should use to lead His people out of Egypt. But God wanted to use Moses specifically to work powerfully through him! In the same way, many times when God has asked me to do something I’ve been the one making every excuse in the world as to why I’m not the girl for the job. “God you should use someone else!” “I’m not good enough, not ___ enough” – whatever it may be. BUT God is the one who calls, equips, and gives you everything you need, and when we’re obedient, we’re able to see Him do things immeasurably more than anything we could have ever asked or imagined!

I hope this song encourages each listener to not be afraid to step up to whatever it is God may be calling you to do right now and know that He wants to use YOU, right where you’re at. He’s the one who does all the things we thought couldn’t be done through us, if we trust Him!”
—Caitie Hurst

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