Nashville, TN (October 29, 2018)
A tour through Arkansas the weekend of October 27th turned to tragedy for Building 429 as oncoming traffic slammed into their tour bus.

The band was traveling through Little Rock on their way to a performance in South Carolina when a traffic accident on the other side of the Interstate caused a truck to come flying toward where the band’s tour bus was.  According to Building 429’s Twitter and Instagram, while the accident was serious, no one in the band was injured.

 “We were in an accident but we’re all safe. [However], A man named Senica was injured and taken to the hospital so please lift him up. [He] was responsive but pretty badly injured. It’s a miracle that Senica wasn’t crushed in his car that looked more like a crushed soda can than a vehicle.”

Touring in a large bus with thousands of dollars of gear in the back always brings a level of risk for bands and traveling acts.  And many bands have faced serious setbacks when damage occurs to their bus or their gear.  Whether it’s the financial toll it takes on the band, or the literal brush with death that events like this bring – for Building 429, this incident has caused each member to take stock of why they’re doing what they’re doing.  The band asks for fans’ prayer as they assess the road ahead…

“We’ve gone back to our band verse to remind us why we started, to build others up. There are times when we all need building up, that’s today for us. The accident’s taken a toll spiritually, physically & financially. Please pray for wisdom for us!”

As we get more information, we’ll keep you informed.

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