Bryan Olesen, former guitarist of the Christian rock band Newsboys, captivated audiences and judges alike during his recent audition for the hit television show, ‘The Voice‘. Olesen turned three of the four judge chairs with his rendition of One Republic‘s “Love Runs Out” during the blind auditions.

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At 49 years old, Olesen’s audition marks a significant moment in the competition as he could potentially become the oldest contestant to win, a record currently held by fellow Christian artist Todd Tilghman. His seasoned experience and undeniable musical prowess bring a unique dynamic to the show, promising an exciting journey ahead.

Following his electrifying performance, the judges were so impressed that they extended a special invitation for Olesen’s daughter, Jaden, to join him on stage for a spontaneous duet. Their heartwarming performance not only showcased Bryan’s talent but also highlighted the power of family bonds through music.

Ultimately, Bryan Olesen made the decision to join John Legend‘s esteemed team, signaling a promising partnership between the veteran musician and one of the industry’s most celebrated voices.

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