Nashville, TN  (April 15, 2020)
Bethel Music’s movie Bright Ones film is now available free on streaming until April 21. Bright Ones follows the lives of three students, each embarking on a journey to find their identity while attending a performing arts high school, the film embraces themes of friendship, family and the courage to find your own voice.

The Dove Award-winning soundtrack for the film is already available and includes three acoustic tracks performed by two of the film’s stars, Peyton Allen and Josie Buchanan. The soundtrack also includes dialogue clips from the film interwoven throughout the project.

Breaking the mold of kid’s worship, critically acclaimed Bright Ones the album offers a diverse pop-influenced soundscape with a mixture of re-invented covers and original songs written by members of Bethel Music, performed by the youth of Bright Ones.

Watch the trailer here:

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