Nashville, TN/Johannesburg, South Africa (August 12, 2020)
African Christian music band Out Cry has teamed up with American worship leader Brandon Watson, to bring you, “All This Time.” The track mixes worship and contemporary with an African twist. “As you know, the world is in quarantine however it is never been easier to do collaborations. Technology is great and connecting with people all over the world has never been easier.” says Ryan Mandy, lead vocalist from Out Cry.

Brandon Watson wrote this song as a reminder, that even when life gets tough and stressful, that God is true, and He is there right next to you helping you through each and every step of the way. “Having a lifestyle that merges my love of God with my purpose to sing, I’m honoured how God uses my gift of harmony to unite people around the world.” says Brandon Watson.

Both Out Cry and Brandon Watson, have a heart for people, teaching them that God can meet them right where they are. “My life and my music have one common message that I believe to be important…It’s a message of hope, love and acceptance by God, no matter how far any person may have fallen. God loves them and has never given up on them.”, says Watson.

Ryan Mandy explains, “As Out Cry, we began playing worship music in our little church which at that stage was a tiny tin shack on the top of the mountain in Piggs Peak, Swaziland. Some may not know this, but Swaziland is plagued by HIV/Aids, having the highest prevalence of any country in the world. Our ministry begun in schools, in order to reach the young children orphaned by this pandemic, households left without parents, leaving children to take up the parental roles for the family.” Out Cry wrote music to share God’s love and most of all the message of hope and identity that these young people can find in Christ. “ We challenged these young people to take a stand for Godly principles in their faith and in purity. In a country where it is culturally acceptable to sleep around despite the fact that HIV/Aids is rampant, it was really encouraging to see people taking a stand and recommitting their lives to Christ.”

The message of their music continues to share hope…
“All this time, you found me, all this time you’ve been right here.
All this time you held my heart, I’ve found love in you.”

“Happiness was hard to find, love was never in my life, my heart was filled wit hatred, you were there but you knew I was blind. All this time you were waiting for me.”

“We recorded all parts of the Out Cry music and vocal elements in Swaziland, the synths in London, and then Brandon Watts recorded his elements on the other side of the world in Texas, USA. We stitched it all together and I think it came out really well,” adds Ryan Mandy.

The music video includes footage recorded from USA, SA, London and Swaziland.

Watch it on YouTube:

Out Cry, are Ryan Mandy (South Africa) on vocals & lead guitar, Lusekelo Kalelemba (Zambia) on drums, rapper Wandile “V” Bhengu (Swaziland) , John Flemming on bass (South Africa), Velicia Malinga (Swaziland) on guitar and Chelsea Mandy (South Africa) on synths.

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