Nashville, TN (April 23, 2021)
Hot on the heels of releasing her first all-original Spanish EP, Renovada, powerhouse vocalist Blanca keeps the momentum going with new music, dropping “Even At My Worst.”

“Writing songs that are true to my story has always been my goal, but there are a few special moments in your career where you write a song and feel like it literally carries your heart. ‘Even At My Worst’ does just that,” Blanca shares of the heart-pounding new single. “I walked through a divorce in 2019 that left me feeling broken and insecure about my own self-worth. It’s from that rock bottom that I was able to experience God’s goodness in such a real way.” Blanca co-wrote the fresh track with Isabella Sjöstrand and Anton Göransson, who also produced the song.

Earlier this month, Blanca honored her Latin American heritage with the release of Renovada. Historically, the singer has naturally translated her lyrics from English to Spanish, but for Renovada, she intentionally crafted every song from the ground up in her native tongue. The five-track EP already boasts a No. 1 hit in Blanca’s homeland of Puerto Rico, thanks to the meteoric rise of “Soy” (feat. Christine D’Clario). In addition, Renovada features confident anthem “Zone” (feat. GAWVI) and “Papi Song” (feat. Genio), a tribute to her late father, Tonito Reyes, a Christian Salsero who passed away from cancer in 2011.

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