Jennifer Lyell has taught hundreds of children the Bible over the course of many years, observing what resonates with them. She firmly believes that young kids are capable of understanding God’s promises for themselves as they learn the stories of the Bible.

Lyell is set to release The Promises of God Storybook Bible, an incredible, beautifully illustrated, Scripturally-faithful project designed for kids ages 4-8 but suitable for the entire family to read together.

The Promises of God Storybook Bible retells more than 50 key Bible stories in a conversational and whimsical way, letting children hear favorite stories with new ears while repeatedly assuring them that each word is proof of God’s unstoppable love and unbreakable promises to his people.

“Childlike faith is not a lesser faith. It is not an anemic understanding of God. It is an acceptance of who He has said He is, what He has said He will do and a willingness to accept the mystery of the realities of this world that we can’t fully reconcile here. The birth and growth of that faith is what I get to see each week and what the promises of God have taught me,” Lyell said.

“Out of the hundreds of children I’ve taught from the ages of 3 and up, I’ve never had a child hear all of these stories and not finish understanding that he or she is known by God, has a heart that can only be restored to God through Jesus and that for those who trust in Jesus, God’s promises will hold them forever!”

Lyell is active in her local church, where she teaches Sunday school to three-year-olds and says she finds her joy in those end-of-the-year Sunday school classes when the children teach it back to her. She is Director of Book Publishing and Merchandising at LifeWay Christian Resources and has led the acquisition, development and management of more than a dozen New York Times bestsellers, as well as multiple Christianity Today Book of the Year winners.


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