Internationally renowned and GRAMMY Nominated collective Bethel Music welcomes its newest member with the addition of Edward Rivera. To celebrate the announcement, Rivera has released his debut solo single, “Nothing Else.” The powerful song is a reminder that once you have seen the goodness of God, nothing else in life will satisfy. Through “Nothing Else,” Rivera leads the listener into a moment of remembrance of how sweet and near the Holy Spirit is in everyday life.

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“”Nothing Else” came at a perfect time in my life,” shares Rivera. “I had just wrapped a year long tour and I was feeling like I missed something. When the tour was done, I was able to process what I witnessed. I realized that all the applause and support my friends, family, and followers were giving me for all the ministry work I had just completed didn’t do anything for me. It was as if my soul was reminding me that none of that mattered. I think this song is a reminder to all of us to not lose our focus. And should we wander off, this song will lead the vagabonds back home! Back to what really matters in this world which is Jesus!“

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Edward Rivera is the newest member of the Bethel Music Collective. He first began performing in school at 16 and started to lead worship at 17 after being called to speak to the marginalized, the prodigals, and the unreached. After graduating high school, Rivera joined a traveling worship choir through LABI and was eventually invited to sing background vocals for artists on tour. This kicked off a six-year long career before leading as an artist himself. Following an extensive season of touring with worship artists such as Christine D’Clario, Barak, and Maverick City Musica. Rivera found his home with Bethel Music in 2021. His debut single, “Nothing Else,” is a reminder to not lose focus on what really matters in this world, the message and salvation of Jesus. Rivera’s hope is to guide others, especially those within the entertainment industry, back to the church by spreading the good news through music.

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