Nashville, TN (February 15, 2019)
Offering a 14-track collection of Bethel Music favorites, Bethel Music En Español is out today marking the first full length release completely in Spanish. Bethel Music En Español pairs known Bethel Music voices like Jonathan & Melissa Helser, Josh Baldwin, Brian & Jenn Johnson, Steffany Gretzinger, Cory Asbury and others with leading voices influencing Latin America. Internationally recognized artist and author Christine D’Clario joins the collective as does Pastor Marco Barrientos, an acclaimed pioneer of Spanish language worship that has shaped worship experiences across Latin America for over 30 years. Included in the track listing is current radio favorite “Stand In Your Love,” GRAMMY® nominated “Reckless Love” and the GMA Dove Award winning “No Longer Slaves.”

Bethel Music En Español
Track Listing:

1. Se Entronado – Be Enthroned (ft. Hunter Thompson)
2. Por Siempre – Ever Be (ft Kalley Heiligenthal)
3. Promesas – Promises (ft Christine D’Clario)
4. En Ti Estoy Firme – Stand In Your love (ft Edward Rivera)
5. Mi Esperanza Está en Jesús – Living Hope (ft. Bethany Worhle)
6. Adorar Sin Cesar – Endlessly (ft. Edward Rivera & Josh Baldwin)
7. Entrego Todo – Have It All (ft. Edward Rivera & Brian Johnson)
8. Jesus Te Amamos – Jesus We love You (ft. Paul McClure)
9. Se Fiel Corazón – Take Courage (ft. Kristene DiMarco & Raquel Vega)
10. Incontrolable Amor – Reckless Love (ft. Cory Asbury & Edward Rivera)
11. Sopla Espíritu (ft. Kalley Heiligenthal)
12. Ya No Soy Esclavo – No Longer Slaves (ft. Jonathan & Melissa Helser, Julio Melgar)
13. Padre Nuestro – Our Father (ft. Jenn Johnson & Marco Barrientos)
14. Partes – Pieces (ft. Steffany Gretzinger)

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