by Ross Cluver, Managing Editor

My Christian music fandom has always been based more in the fringe genres than in the Inspirational, Gospel, Worship, Adult Contemporary and Pop music that has traditionally dominated Christian music airwaves and the pages of the old CCM print magazine. Rock, Alternative, Rap, Hip Hop, and Hard music in all it’s forms has always been where my interests lie.

I’ve been wanting to add this column or blog section to the site since assuming the role of Managing Editor and content curator. I’ve heard a lot of really good music from a wide range of artists and genres over the last several months. I felt CCM was missing an opinion or a personal identity. Today I heard a new song that was so good, so exciting and infectious that I just had to finally make Best Thing I Heard Today happen so I could mention this song.

7eventh Time Down‘s song “Brand New Day” from their new album, Brand New Day, (due March 1) is honestly the best thing I have heard in the last 6 months. If you haven’t heard it yet…what are you waiting for. It is posted on YouTube now.

Watch 7eventh Time Down’s Lyric Video for “Brand New Day” Here

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