Renowned Australian Christian artist, singer-songwriter, and pianist Vanessa Kersting, who has recently relocated to Mississippi, is set to release her highly anticipated album, “From The Bathroom Floor“. This new release follows her remarkable journey in the Christian music scene, where she has made significant impacts both in Australia and internationally.

Vanessa Kersting, nominated for the Australian People’s Choice Christian Music Award in 2023, has had an impressive career with nine singles entering the TCM top charts over the last eight years. Her music has spent an astonishing 100 weeks on the TCM Christian Music Chart in Australia, alongside notable artists like Lauren Daigle, For King and Country, and Toby Mac. In 2022, Vanessa was recognized as one of the top 50 Christian artists played on Australian Christian radio and acknowledged by the American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada for her extraordinary ability.

Vanessa’s musical journey has been marked by collaborations with industry legends such as George Tutko (Rolling Stones), Jon King (Future Leaders of The World, Throwing Gravity), and Joshua Brown (Planet Shakers, Daystar TV). Her previous single, “Hold The Stars,” saw her working with producer Ash Gale of The Sundance Kids and mastering expert Brad Blackwood of Memphis, who has worked with Third Day and Relient K.

“From The Bathroom Floor” is a deeply personal and poignant album, born from a challenging period in Vanessa’s life. Reflecting on her experiences of moving countries and coping with the loss of her mother, Vanessa’s new album “From The Bathroom Floor,” encapsulates themes of leaning into the love of God, remembering the promise of Emmanuel, and finding solace in the presence of God amidst chaos. Her sound, described as piano-based pop with contemporary Christian music influences, resonates with messages of hope, love, and faith.

Vanessa’s music, characterized by its heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies, continues to touch listeners worldwide. She has consistently placed in the TCM top 100 songs and artists over the years, with her singles achieving substantial airplay and acclaim. Her dedication to spreading the truth of the gospel through her music and performances has established her as a beloved artist in the Christian music community.

With “From The Bathroom Floor,” Vanessa Kersting invites listeners to join her on a journey of reflection and faith. This album is not just a testament to her musical talent but also a beacon of hope for those navigating through life’s trials. Vanessa’s passion for music and ministry shines through every note, making “From The Bathroom Floor” a must-listen for fans and newcomers alike.

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