Platoon proudly presents a harmonious collaboration that bridges the worlds of Christian music and contemporary pop. As part of their latest compilation EP, ‘A UK Gospel Celebration,’ Asha Elia delivers a stunning rendition of her single ‘Heavenly War,‘ a dynamic and genre-blending track from Asha and her fiance Namesbliss. Asha brings a fresh perspective to the musical landscape, crafting a dynamic and genre-defying track that speaks to the heart and soul.

Asha Elia, hailing from Bristol and based in London, brings her fresh and contemporary perspective to the genre. Inspired by artists like Jhene Aiko, SZA, and Tems, Asha blends soothing vibes with empowering lyrical narratives. Her achievements, including being named ASTEPFWD Female Artist of the Year in 2022 and 2021, as well as a MOBO Nomination in 2022, underscore her rising status in the music scene.

Notably, she garnered praise from DJ Target and earned a spot on his esteemed ‘Best UK Talent’ list on BBC 1XTRA. Asha’s collaborations with Jonathan Ogden, Marizu, Limoblaze, and Bridge Music have further showcased her versatility.

‘Heavenly War’ is a version which is transformed from the upbeat original, into a deep and thoughtful duet between Asha and Namesbliss. The track is as dynamic as it is genre-bending, and with her partner at her side, Asha Elia transforms the lively original into a poignant and contemplative duet.

The song deftly navigates themes of spiritual warfare, courageously highlighting the potency that emanates from one’s identity as a child of God. The reimagined version resonates as a moving anthem of resilience and empowerment, inviting listeners to embrace their inner strength, stand tall against adversity, and embark on a journey of spiritual conquest.
Asha says “I’ve been learning that spiritual warfare is about choosing life, as children of God we have so much more power than we often realise. We just need to know who we are before we can walk our true identity. This is especially true for the war in our minds.”

Asha’s musical prowess is a beacon of inspiration, casting a light that resonates with believers and enthusiasts alike, as they come together to embrace their God-given strength and embrace the call of spiritual triumph.

Asha Elia also combines with Ryan Hylton on ‘Nobody Greater’, a beloved gospel classic originally by VaShawn Mitchell. Their collaboration demonstrates Asha and Ryan’s shared commitment to creating a soul-stirring musical experience.

This luscious rendition serves as a beacon of hope and positivity, drawing listeners into a narrative of unwavering faith. The chemistry between the two artists is palpable, resulting in a seamless and captivating musical exchange that resonates across genres.

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