New York Times best-selling author and podcaster Annie F. Downs has launched a brand new podcast, LET’S READ THE GOSPELS with ANNIE F. DOWNS. On January 1st, Downs began a daily exploration of all four Gospels, guiding listeners through a monthly reading of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Religion News Service covered new Bible podcasts prior to the launch, with Downs commenting on how while her inspiration came out of the confusion of 2020, the Bible was grounding in the midst of it all, sharing, “the Bible never changed…and these stories never changed….And Jesus’ response never changed.”

The 18th podcast to join Downs’ That Sounds Fun Podcast Network (TSFN), LET’S READ THE GOSPELS with ANNIE F. DOWNS will cover three chapters from a Gospel each day and often read from different translations, as well as in a different chronological order than they appear in the Bible. With each of these books telling the stories of Jesus’ life and ministry, the podcast will give listeners a chance to get to know Him in new ways. Downs will also offer a downloadable reading plan and guidebook at

“Starting this podcast was the next right thing after spending a few years in this spiritual practice of reading the Gospels each month,” says Downs. “Getting to read it out loud now, for the next twelve months, will hopefully be an invitation and a bridge and an opportunity for God to move in our lives. You don’t have to spend every day in the Gospels to be changed, but every day you spend in the Gospels will change you.”

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