Nashville, TN (December 17, 2019)
Award-winning Christian music singer/songwriter and author Andrew Peterson’s first adult trade book, Adorning the Dark: Thoughts on Community, Calling, and the Mystery of Making, has been the recipient of numerous accolades and awards since its October release.

The highly-anticipated Adorning the Dark is both a memoir of Peterson’s journey and an encouragement for artists, written in the hope that his story will provide practical tools to others stumbling along in pursuit of a calling to adorn the dark with the light of Christ.

The Gospel Coalition selected Adorning the Dark as the winner in the Arts & Culture category of TGC’s 2019 Book Awards, announced December 2. Judges Brett McCracken, Ryan Lister, Caroline Cobb and Trevin Wax commented, “Like his other projects, [Peterson] has a story to tell that we want and, often, that we need to hear. And maybe that’s why this is such a captivating book. Peterson’s story is unique, and yet he uses his life to help us understand our own—giving us a vision for how our gifts might also adorn the dark with light.” Read the judges’ full comments here.

“Christianity Today” gave Adorning the Dark the Award of Merit in the Arts and Culture category for their 2020 Book Awards, announced December 10. Taylor Worley, associate professor of faith and culture at Trinity International University, wrote: “Falling somewhere between memoir and manual, this odd and wonderful tale about Peterson’s calling and craft has to be the most remarkable book of its kind this year. . . At turns vulnerable and exuberant, ‘Adorning the Dark’ is both eminently practical and yet inspires with the comforting wisdom a trusted friend would give.” Read Worley’s full comments here.

Russell Moore, award-winning author and president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, selected Adorning the Dark in his yearly roundup, My Favorite Books of 2019. Moore wrote, “…this book motivated me to get back to work on the book I’m writing now, and I’ll bet it will spark in you the same sort of motivation to plunge into whatever God has called you to create.”

For the Church of Midwestern Seminary also chose “Adorning the Dark for their 2019 Book Awards. Charles Smith, Vice President of Institutional Relations at Midwestern Seminary and FTC Editorial Council member, wrote this: “I always cringe when someone says ‘I’m not creative.’ In one sense, I know exactly what they mean: they prefer spreadsheets to sonatas. But Scripture tells us that man is made in the image of a creative God and is therefore called to a life of creativity. If this is true, creativity is not only something we do, but also is something we are. In his book ‘Adorning The Dark,’ Andrew Peterson explores this reality, helping Christians understand and cherish the glorious reality of creativity.”

Finally, WORLD Magazine named Adorning the Dark to their short-list for Book of the Year in the Accessible Theology category, which appeared in the December 7 issue. WORLD Magazine is one of the nation’s most widely-read news outlets from a Christian perspective, with a half-million people reading the magazine and website or listening to their podcasts.


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