Andrea Olson’s album, This Good, was released on July 29th and follows her previous singles, “What A God You Are” and “I’ll Sing.” This original album was Produced by Chris Clayton and McKendree Tucker. This album has many co-writers, including Andrea Olson, Meredith Andrews, Chris Clayton, Dustin Smith, Justin Tweito, Melanie Waldman and McKendree Tucker. This Good is for the local church and is an invitation to enter God’s presence and receive from Him, We hope you receive joy, confidence, peace and are able to praise God for His ever present faithfulness and goodness.

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This album marks a new beginning for me. I poured out more of myself into this album than ever before. It has stretched me and challenged me in ways that I never expected. But, all along I knew that God was doing. something special and something new, and while I have reaped the joy of this process, it was never about me or for me. The purposeof this album is to provide a SELAH, or an opportunity to pause in His presence, for all who listen. From start to finish, it’s a journey that I pray gives you time to sit, soak in His presence and listen. Life is faster paced than ever, and I have to be honest with myself about how often I actually take the time to be still and pause in His presence. He gives incredible insight and revelation when we let our minds stop racing long enough to just listen. I pray that His presence permeates every word of this album and washes over you like a refreshing waterfall, reminding you that He IS this good. He wants to be near to you, to refresh and refill you. To give you revelation and hope for the days to come. This album is a call to take time to pause in His presence and dwell on the goodness of our amazing God.

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