Nashville, TN (April 8, 2020)
Anchor & Braille is the alt-pop-rock flavored solo outlet for former Anberlin frontman Stephen Christian. He recently dropped a new single that is one of the better songs I have heard in the last few weeks. Check it out below.


‘Dangerous’ Lyrics:
Life’s got pressures all of its own
And I’m not trying to make something of nothing at all
But there’s something different here
It’s not clear at all
But I know you feel it too feel it Julia

If life’s a dream let’s live it out
Should we run it out together

You and me I do believe
Lets just take our time who’s in a rush
You and me I do believe we could get Dangerous

You’ve got dreams all of your own
And I want you to see the world, go on and roam
But when you get back let’s meet up and go
Anywhere at all do anything at all

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