Nashville, TN (November 3, 2021)
Indie singer/songwriter Allie Crummy has released a new music video for her song, “Honesty.” The song is the title track to her latest full-length album, Honesty. Allie is a deep thinker who is well versed in and routinely inspired by Scripture. Her songs reflect the tension between what she believes to be true about God, contrasted with what she sees happening in the world around her, delivered through vocals that are brimming with emotion. She is influenced by a variety of artists and genres—from blues to bluegrass to classical—but in all of her writing, she loves to include honest lyrics that point to Truth, three-part harmonies, and melodies that are fun to sing.

Story Behind the Song/Video:
“‘Honesty’ is a meditation on the Incarnation, and how the fact that Jesus understands what it is to be human enables us to have a deeper intimacy with God – it frees us up to be totally honest with Him, in every way. The song features a lot of my usual folk aesthetic, but this time with a more dream-pop feel—kind of like if Taylor Swift played some of her new stuff but with her old band.” —Allie Crummy

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