Phoenix, AZ (November 16, 2020)
Christian pop artist Adam Lamb has released his first new song in over 2 years, “Better,” which ushers listeners back into his testimony of life and faith. It captures you first with it’s compelling grooves and grabbing hooks, but his convincing lyrics reveal the depth of the story being told. Adam paints a picture of frustration in the midst of unmet personal expectations of himself. He wonders why it seems like the goodness of God is just out of reach, time and time again. Ultimately, he clings onto the hope of his youth, trusting that God is proving himself faithful.

“I’m so grateful for the life experience my college years offered me. ‘Better’ is a cry for clarity in my life during that season. I wrote the hook for this song sitting at the piano one day, and after developing the idea in the studio, it quickly formed into something that allowed me to express the deep longing in my heart. Though I had a ton of fun creating this track; my prayer is that people can hold fast to the steadfast hope Jesus offers us in the midst of seasons when it feels like our purpose is blowing away in the wind.” —Adam Lamb


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