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photos: Taylor Martyn & Phaedra Jean Taylor

NASHVILLE, Tenn—In a newly-released, unique conversation, Jan Peterson, wife of author Eugene Peterson (The Message), touches on timely points of a healthy life balance, marriage, family, journey of their ministry and the meaning of home. The honest conversation ran parallel to the filming of the widespread video of Bono (U2) and Eugene Peterson on THE PSALMS by Fuller [Theological Seminary] Studio. With a ministry spanning decades, Peterson talks about the practice of keeping the Sabbath and servanthood. With early origins in social work, Peterson even shares about what she would explain to her younger self.

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“That Would Be It: A Conversation with Jan Peterson,” curated by artist Phaedra Jean Taylor, is an exchange described as a “rich feast” originally shared with the collective known as Art House America. “While there was a lot of buzz and excitement about having Bono out to Lakeside, and while we hoped getting Eugene and Bono together would be inspiring and encouraging for many, the person I was most excited to share time with was Jan,” shares Taylor, noting her time with Peterson. “We talked together about hospitality, ministry, rhythm, art, home, food and the Sabbath, while we sat in her living room overlooking Flathead Lake.”

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