Colorado Spring, CO (November 12, 2019)
Inspired by the Psalms of the Bible and the Country music he grew up with, 7Core Music‘s Mark Tedder has recorded a collection of new songs entitled Psalms, Sonnets and Meditations. Mark is set to release a new single, “We Call You Jesus,” from that collection on November 12. Written with Nashville with songwriter Michael Farren (Lauren Daigle, Michael W Smith, Reba McEntire), “We Call You Jesus,” is a worship song inspired by Psalm 23.

“There comes a time in every persons life when desperation kicks in. Maybe you need just a word of hope, that everything’s gonna be ok. Perhaps you got the cancer scare, and you need a healer. Maybe you’ve hit the wall, and you just need to know ‘it’s not over’ Or you’ve experienced something in your life that is beyond your control—you need an answer, now! I pray that ‘We Call You Jesus’ is that song that brings comfort in the doctors office, a knowing that there’s a refuge in the storm, peace in the night hours, a hope that it’s gonna get better, and that certainty that He’s forever faithful.” —Mark Tedder

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