Various Artists
7Core Sonics Vol 3
(7Core Music)
Release date: August 10, 2018

We’re really pleased to be releasing our 3rd 7Core Sonics compilation album. Featuring Tina Boonstra, Ian Yates, Foldinglights, Maria Gilpin, Throwback Kid and The Neon Ambience. 7Core Sonics Vol 3 will be available at all the usual download and streaming sites. 7Core Music have been described as ‘one of the UK’s most exciting independent Christian record labels’ and 7Core Sonics Vol 3 is the perfect way to get to know all the artists in the 7Core Music family.


7Core Sonics Vol 3 Track List

1  “Concrete Heart” – Tina Boonstra

2  “Blackout” – Ian Yates

3  “Fear The Nigh” – Folding lights

4  “You Give Life” – Maria Gilpin

5  “Bluebells And Blossom” – Throwback Kid

6  “A7 Absolution” – The Neon Ambience

7  “Coming Home” – Ian Yates

8  “Noose” – Foldinglights

9  “Skimming Stones” – Throwback Kid

10 “Prodigal” – Tina Boonstra

11 “Fashioned By” – Maria Gilpin

12 “B9 Banner” – The Neon Ambience

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