Theody has announced that its upcoming album, Smoke and Mirrors, set to release August 27. The band also recently unveiled a stripped-down version of their latest single, “Tempest.”

Theody ‘Tempest’ Piano Version Music Video:

“As much as we LOVE the full band version of ‘Tempest,’ we thought it would be a perfect candidate for a more raw approach,” says vocalist and songwriter Lauren Kinder. “I took piano lessons for years, but haven’t really played since high school. It was so much fun to get my keyboard out and reimagine this song. ‘Tempest’ is so personal to me. It speaks of insecurity, anxiety, the battle in my mind between truth and lies. I hope you can enjoy and feel the passion of the lyrics in a fresh way!” —Theody

‘Tempest’ Lyrics:
Oh the tide is rising high
I see the signs but I’m powerless
Feel the rush overcoming me
Don’t let my fate be the cold abyss

Tell me why do I obsess
Oh these waves are so relentless
I thought the storm would be over now

Anchor me anchor me
I’m afraid I’ll lose myself in the tempest
anchor me anchor me
Don’t let me lose my way

I watch the lightning split the sky
Illuminating all my secrets
My pride has it out for me
Silently exploiting all my weaknesses

I can’t blame anyone else
I know I do this to myself

The pulling of the tide
The pulsing of the waves
The fury in the sky
don’t let me lose my way in the tempest

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