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CCM Magazine: Thank you for doing this interview with us. In your words what is “The Heart of Man” about?
Jason Pamer: The Heart of Man film is a beautiful, cinematic retelling of the prodigal son parable, shot on location in Hawaii, woven together with real-life stories of God’s grace redeeming men and women from sexual brokenness–including stories of freedom from porn addiction, infidelity, same-sex attraction, sexual abuse, etc.

While this project started years ago with the goal of calling men to integrity by showing the connections between porn consumption and human trafficking, it has grown into a compelling film for men and women with the primary intent of piercing our shame and bridging God’s sons and daughters back to the Father through a true understanding His steadfast, redeeming love.

CCM: What is it about the movie that first grabbed your attention?
JP: The idea of making a film that addressed the deep things of the heart, not the fruit of the tree but the roots — that is something that compelled me to spend a few years of my life working on. To spend time on something that carries freedom, not only for others, but for my own heart and story — that’s a worthy pursuit.

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