Social Club Misfits ‘Night Glow’ Official Music Video

Night Glow’ Lyrics:
Don’t wait for tomorrow
They must think I won the lotto
Do what’s right is the motto
And we gon’ shine like gold
You said the night gone
You telling me I’m light tho
I need that night glow
I need that night glow

Night glow

I’m between heaven and hell
Could’ve been dead or in jail
Satan’s plans will never prevail
Bought by the blood never for sale
I’m doing well
I’m feared by hell
I always try
Sometimes I fail
You look inside
My God lives there
I might fall down
But can’t stay there no no no

If I’m being honest it’s kinda crazy this last season
My faith was tested I never wavered, the only friend that I had was Jesus
That night glow when I ain’t have hope
I just kept going cause I had faith, plus I had heart to finish up the race
So when they talking funny that’s comedy
And it’s sad to see it, but I’ll be Jack Gleason
I’ve been here before
The grief I get for my beard I know it’s gone get weird when I cop the Aventador
In life I’ve seen lots of pain I’m trying to get love and joy to outweigh ‘em all
I don’t play games in this game
You got to play straight or else you don’t play at all

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