Social Club Misfits ‘Is That Okay?’ Music Video

‘Is That Okay?’ Lyrics:

I woke up today I was thinking I was late
How you gon learn without mistakes
I feel like I can’t go away yet
They try to act cool I’m just me
I know I’ll never be picture perfect
But can I be myself is that okay?

I don’t know how to stop
Clean boy tatted up
Break through the padded lock
Rug like Galaga
But I ain’t playing no games
Me and Josh had a talk
Thought I made the right moves my career not adding up
Met some Christian artists Who think that they’re celebrities
I went to three award shows and fell asleep
Right in the front row
Why they act like they don’t know
Till they need a feature then I flex like the gun show
This rap thing is overrated
Never been a king no David
You talk about God it’s a guarantee they won’t play it
I don’t wanna be famous
If that’s the cost you can save it
I ain’t gon pay for your playlist
Ha I’m good
Thought I was great until I went down to Hollywood
Always knew that I’d be fine
I know God made us one of a kind
That’s you and I

I’ma always be myself
I ain’t got time to be nobody else
If I listened to everything everyone else said
My life would be a mess
But God said I’m blessed
So I’m gone claim blessings on my life instead
My god Father living water so you know He got bread
Yea, being different is a super power
It’s not a deficiency for you to cower
I want all of us to repeat after me
I’m me, I’m free, and I’m so happy
I’m living out what they said that I couldn’t be
Wouldn’t be, shouldn’t be, cause I moved a couple things
Every day I thank the Lord for His grace
For the plans that He made for my life to be great
Competition with who? I’m the illest being me
And there’s too much life to live to let em ever get to me

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