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Originally released this summer on their recent EP HARD CUTS: Songs from the H A R D L O V E Sessions (buy), NEEDTOBREATHE decided “WALKING ON WATER,” co-written by Matt Maher, could be better served as an opportunity to help others in this time of need. In collaboration with their label, Atlantic Records, the band announced that 100% of the proceeds from “WALKING ON WATER” including single sales, streaming revenue, licensing fees – will be going to Dream Center Network in partnership with OneWorld Health to benefit victims of the recent hurricanes impacting the United States.

> Watch the official music video for “Walking On Water” on this page by clicking “play” above

“There always seems to be a lot made of his [Peter’s] doubt once he realized what was happening, but we feel like the faith and trust it took for him to try it in the first place is worth talking about too… I hope it reminds us and encourages us that we don’t even have to do it right, we just have to take the first step.” –Bear Rinehart, NEEDTOBREATHE

“When you look at the story of Peter walking on water with Jesus, most of us tend to focus on the fact that he sank. Very seldom do we stop and think that a human being actually kept his eyes on God for a moment and walked on water….I think that shows the possibilities of what happens when we keep our eyes fixed on love, we end up being part of moments and events in our life where what we thought was impossible is actually quite possible with the love of God.” –Matt Maher, co-writer of “Walking On Water”

Matthew 14:22-32

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